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Mollie's Story

Meet Mollie, aged 7, a Key Stage 2 pupil from our school who has really struggled with literacy for a couple of years, resulting in a lack of all-round confidence and anxiety about going to school.

Mollie's story shows how LEGO® Education StoryStarter helped to make a real difference both to her literacy learning and her enjoyment of school. We're proud of Mollie and her fantastic story.

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No. 24 Summer Newsletter 2014

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St John’s Clock

Thank you to Parents who came along to hear the clock chime at 2.30pm. I would like to apologise to those of you who were waiting outside a different gate and missed the party poppers celebration. We had stated 2.30pm for the celebration – and it certainly was short – but here is some of the clock information that we shared with the children.


  • Made in 1860 by Thwaites and Read who also made the Big Ben clock

  • Originally a wind up mechanism which meant someone had to climb the tower every time it needed winding or adjusting – so a new electric system was created.

  • The last time the clock broke it took 8 years to repair at a cost of £6000. Some of this money was from a contribution from the local council. It was restarted in 2004.

  • The electric mechanism broke in March 2014 and has now been repaired at a cost of nearly £2000. Your sponsor money will fund some of the cost and we have now reinstated such an important piece of St John’s history.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Well done to the children who completed four different 1 minute time challenges during the afternoon including:

    Drawing a portrait

    Bouncing a ball



    Please send your forms and sponsor money back to school by the end of next week (Friday 18th July) and we will let you know how much we have raised.

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