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Our website is designed to give you a wide range of information about our school, the team that run it and, most importantly, an overview of the activities and curriculum which our pupils enjoy all year round.  Further information on all aspects of the school’s organisation and ethos are available from the school brochure which you can also download from here.

Upcoming Events

17 - Spring term newsletter 2014

                      NEW “See an Outdoor lesson in action”

Would you like to see a lesson being taught to your child’s class?? We would like to invite you, on the Wednesday of your child’s class assembly, to accompany the class for an ‘Outdoor’ lesson. This will be immediately following assembly and is likely to take place on the common or surrounding area in line with our OUTDOOR driver.


As Year 6 leavers Assembly is on the last day of term, an alternative date for yr 6 parents to see a lesson will be offered via your class homework letter.


Download this file (17SPRNL2014.pdf)17SPRNL2014.pdf[ ]407 Kb04/04/14 14:18

16 - Spring Term Newsletter 2014


Today, Year 1 - 6 Parents will have received your child’s report. Inside the envelope are 2 copies - please complete and return the black and white photocopy of the report acknowledging receipt and giving us feedback on your child’s progress and the report format.


Parent Meetings

Reception Reports are compiled in the Summer term and therefore the Reception Class have teacher meetings this week on Monday 31st March and Wednesday 2nd April.


Open Classrooms

Year 1-6 are most welcome to come into classes and see your child’s work and classroom on Wednesday 2nd April from 3.15pm.


Download this file (16SPRNL2014.pdf)16SPRNL2014.pdf[ ]723 Kb03/28/14 16:30