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Who are the School Committee?

The School Committee is made up of representatives from parents, staff, the Local Authority and the local community. The full School Committee meet each half-term. Regulations define the three keys roles of the School Committee as:

  • setting the strategic direction
  • securing accountability
  • monitoring, evaluating, supporting and challenging

The School Committee's over-riding aim is to improve the quality of education and standards of achievement at St John's Primary School. We are involved with development planning; policy making; setting the school budget; monitoring and evaluating performance; setting realistic but challenging targets for pupil performance and ensuring accountability.

Governors regularly visit the school as part of our monitoring role in addition to attending school functions and assisting staff and children during school time in a variety of ways.  

Current Governors

Nicola Brownjohn - Chair

Caroline Lawson - Vice-chair

Liz Wombwell - Headteacher

Conor McDermott

Paul Crotch-Harvey

Philip Horswill

Sarah Ashworth

Simon Stern



 Hannah Wilby (


School Committee information 2022/23 

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Committee meetings 2022/23

28th Sept
23rd Nov
25th Jan
22nd Mar
10th May
28th Jun 

If you would like further information or would like to attend a meeting please contact the clerk -


School Committee information 2021/22 

St John's Governors - terms, responsibilities and attendance 2021/22